Asset Management

Asset Management

Improved performance of water and wastewater buried infrastructure is recognized as an issue of strategic importance because it has strong environmental, social and economic implications.

As a result of aging sewer systems Ontario municipalities are facing significant increased risks over the next few years. There is a critical need for a comprehensive system-wide investigative approach to assess the condition of these extremely large wastewater assets so there is a means to control the risks at a manageable level.

Using a combination of zoom camera and CCTV inspection solutions, would equip municipal engineers and asset managers in developing the foundation for a proactive system-wide solution

Asset Management helps municipalities achieve proactive sewer repair and replacement recommendations
with transparent justification to the public for allocation of sewer capital funds

Asset Management

Asset Inventory – What do you own?
Asset Valuation – What is it worth?
Asset Evaluation – What condition is it in?
Strategic Planning – What is the remaining lifespan
Investment – What are the deferred maintenance requirements?
Implementation– What do you fix first?


Complete physical inventory of assets and associated attribute data
• As complete as possible – system size dependent
• Target shifts as new development etc. occur

Operational performance of pipes / manholes
• Critical design criteria for existing infrastructure review
• As detailed as possible – debris / flow data lost with flushing operation
• Infiltration data – possible skew from flushing operation

Structural integrity of assets
• Required for repair versus replace decision
• 80 / 20 rule – 80% of the structural damage in lines occurs within 20 metres of the manhole
• Sewer condition assessment defect classification coding provides a standard 1-5 rating

Proactive management of sewer assets can REDUCE total asset cost by 20-30%. – E.P.A

The development of a viable Asset Management Program can be as simple as this diagram
The Key is to have a complete dataset for your system to base the plan on.

Asset Management

Samples of system-wide data displayed graphically to assist in planning / forecasting

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